Sunday, 12 September 2010

Installing a dock on Linux

Most of you run your standard panel, but would like to either turn their desktop into a mac, or just get the mac dock. In 10 easy steps I will show you how to do this. 1. Install our dock. Open up the package manager (Applications, Accessories, Synaptic Package Manager), then click on the search button.
2. In the box that pops up, type docky. Then click search. A few seconds (or minutes if your computer is really slow), a list of entries will appear.
3.Click on the entry called docky, and then click on ok on the window that appears.
4.Now click on apply, and apply again, in the next window that appears.
5.We now have the dock installed. Before we can start it we need to enable desktop effects so the Docky works properly. The simplest way of doing this is go to Desktop Settings (System, Preferences, Desktop Settings) and click on Windows on the far left. Then tick 'Use gnome Compositing'.
6. As the dock is doing the task of the bottom panel, we don't need it anymore. Right-click on the panel and choose 'Delete this panel'.
7. All we need to do now is start it and make sure it starts on login. Launch Docky (Applications, Accessories, Docky) and When it loads it should place itself at the bottom of the screen. To make sure it starts when you login, click on the blue, green or brown symbol with the anchor (the colour varies depending on what theme you are using). This will load up the settings window for docky. Tick 'Start when user logs in'.
8. To change the panel from 2D to 3D, tick 3D Background. You can also change how much it zoms when you hover over it, and you can change the theme and more. To add little apps to the
dock, click on the Docklets tab. Here you can add weather, battery monitors, email checkers and more to the dock.